How might a health insurer improve the patient-provider relationship to deliver better care?

We collaborated with a major health insurance company to redefine the experience between doctors and their patients, simplifying care and supporting member health.

A variety of trends in the U.S. healthcare system were ripening the industry for disruption and revealing new possibilities to remove points of friction. A health insurance company recognized gaps in the patient–provider relationship that could be better served. They approached Doblin to identify opportunities to redefine the experience between doctors and their patients – and differentiate themselves in the market.

We began by conducting extensive human-centered field research with patients and providers to identify and understand their key needs and behaviors. Through this generative research, we designed initial concepts for a future state experience of a digital health solution, including wireframes and visual mockups of interfaces to bring the experience to life. Using a rapid prototyping approach, we continuously iterated and incorporated feedback, refining the solutions to promote the use of high-quality, evidence-based care across specialty conditions, while minimizing the administrative burden on providers.

To validate these new solutions in market, we helped plan with select provider groups, using prototypes and proof-of-concepts to conduct further testing. This enabled the insurer to de-risk the full launch and scale-up the solutions in the market appropriately.

Alongside the research, our team conducted a technology assessment of the insurance company and defined the key capabilities required to support a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) at launch. We worked closely with the insurer’s CTO to modernize the company’s technology architecture and enable these new member-centered offerings.

In parallel to the concept development work, we also helped standup an internal innovation incubator within the insurance company, enabling continuous development and improvement of consumer-focused care solutions moving forward. Comprised of a cross-disciplinary team of designers, developers, operations experts, clinicians, and stakeholders from various business units, these team members were organized into agile pods operating under newly identified leadership. This operating model allows the innovation incubator to function autonomously from the core enterprise, to maximize speed and agility.

Through user-centered research, iterative concept development, technical feasibility assessment, in-market pilot testing, and the operationalizing of an internal innovation incubator, we worked alongside our client to define a compelling strategy and enable new solutions that support member health through an integrated and simplified care experience. This focus on improving patient and provider experiences through human-centered practices has helped to differentiate themselves in the market.


test and learn pilots


providers in pilot


prototype screens tested