How might a large health provider improve the experience for their women’s service line?

We helped a large health provider see and realize new strategies to improve the patient experience and build trust and confidence in their brand.

Doblin and Deloitte teams helped a large health provider use a human-centered approach to improve the women’s patient experience for their Women’s Service Line by developing a roadmap of initiatives that would lead to an enhanced physical, digital, and emotional patient experience, as well as build brand strength in the local market.

Our team conducted site visits, interviewed providers and patients, and interacted with clinical staff to understand how patients make choices throughout their journeys – and how they remember their experience over time.

With a focus on obstetrics, the team shadowed the labor and delivery ward and interviewed a number of new mothers, OB/GYN providers, and hospital and health system administrators. Based on the insights gathered, we developed five initiatives to form an ecosystem of transformations that culminate in the future improved patient experience. The initiatives included recommendations for digital tools, physical spaces, and interpersonal interactions. Finally, we provided the client with a prioritized roadmap to implement the new experience. The team worked from insights to ideation through concept validation to ultimately recommend a set of five strategic initiatives to humanize the medical experience patients have before, during, and after their pregnancies.

When we started the project, we all assumed that physical improvements to their facilities, as well as new digital tools would make the most difference in patients’ experiences with the service line. After research, we realized that the interpersonal connection patients form with their care team far outweigh more tangible features of a hospital or doctor’s office.

As a result, we developed more strategies that would help remove administrative burden from providers, allow them to more easily sense patient’s spoken and unspoken needs, and build the personal connections necessary to garner trust and confidence in the provider’s brand.

We'd also like to acknowledge the efforts our Deloitte colleagues, including: Randy Gordon, managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP; Sara Larch, managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP; Bill Laughlin, senior manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP; Tinley Melvin, senior consultant, Market Gravity, Deloitte Consulting LLP; and Miriam Wachs, senior consultant, Deloitte Consulting LLP for their commitment and contributions to this project.


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