Adweek: Why the Success of Marketing 3.0 Will Be Driven by Design

The digital revolution has exploded over the last 20 years, and it’s created an incredible irony – the impact technology has on how products are planned, produced and promoted seems to be growing smaller, not bigger.

While that may sound crazy, innovation has been limited for most of history by what is possible from a very practical perspective: what do we know how to do? That is, until now.

Technology has advanced astronomically, and it continues to change so quickly that the bigger differentiator for many companies today starts with the more basic question of asking, “what do people want?” Yet focusing on customer needs and desires only gets us so far. It’s time we start looking at a new approach.

In my article featured in Adweek, I share how design — rather than necessity — has become the mother of innovation, sparking enormous opportunity. Technology alone just doesn’t cut it nowadays, and we need the design thinking to spark innovation and win the game in the digital age.

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