Beacons for Business Model Innovation

Business model innovation is a hot topic in management thinking these days, even though there seems to be little agreement about what it looks like and even less about how to discover it. But there is no reason for business model innovation to feel mysterious or hard to achieve.

In this article by Doblin’s leader, Geoff Tuff, and co-author Steve Wunker, you’ll learn how using analytic tools that provide better decision-making insights can help you vastly improve your innovation success rate which will help your business model investments generate bigger returns for the organization and bring greater value to customers.

Highlights include:

  • Exploration of two critical tools–the Ten Types of Innovation framework and Economic Value Estimation model–that can help you shape new business models
  • Examples of how companies are creating value for their organizations and their customers through business model innovation
  • Reference guide to 21 profit models used by successful innovators

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