Jeff Wordham presents on Human-Centered Design Thinking to Drive Customer Experience in Banking

On October 21, 2020, at 2 PM ET, Jeff Wordham participated in a web seminar on "Human-centered design thinking to drive customer experience in banking" hosted by American Banker. Jeff presented along with Derek White, Vice President, Global Financial Services Google Cloud and Gareth Gaston, Chief Digital Officer of Platforms and Capabilities, U.S. Bank. The panel discussion was moderated by Mike Perkowski, Co-Founder and Partner, New Reality Media, LLC.

Financial institutions have generally designed products and services to meet their own internal processes and operational efficiencies rather than focusing on the consumer experience. But Human-centered Design Thinking overlays traditional design thinking concepts to ensure the products and services are actually relevant and beneficial to the people they are intended to serve. It enables banks to drive growth and product innovation by elevating the human experience at every interaction by integrating the needs of people with technology possibilities and the requirements for driving business success and making more desirable solutions for customers.

Leveraging data, human experience, and more agile practices allows banks to move in step with evolving markets, emerging needs, and changing customer expectations. In doing so, banks can create more genuine and lasting bonds with customers, while improving the overall experience.

This webinar helped attendees:

  • Understand how Human-centered Design Thinking can help create better and more innovative solutions
  • Translate data into actionable insights that help connect more deeply with customer needs
  • Improve customer experience and reduce risk by rapidly testing and implementing solutions that create value for customers and stakeholders