Event: Join Larry Keeley at The Governance Institute System Forum on 8/31

On August 31, 2020, Larry Keeley will deliver the keynote address at The Governance Institute System Forum virtual event held August 31 - September 1, 2020. Larry will share insights on "Building Innovation Platforms to Drive Frictionless Experiences." A Q&A session will follow his presentation.

Creating a "hassle-free" or “frictionless” customer experience has been a trend for many industries—including healthcare—for many years. And what the COVID-19 pandemic had done is dramatically accelerate that 'trend'—especially in healthcare. In-person care delivery is now a point of friction and can be a potential danger to our health.

As many of today’s consumers are getting comfortable with “contactless” transactions in almost every aspect of their lives, the overnight shift to virtual care delivery is likely here to stay. How will health systems adapt? How will they adapt to whatever may be the next “normal" in a dramatically compressed timeframe? How have other health systems adapted, responded, and re-built their operations to succeed in this new normal.

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