Exponential Finance: Flipping the David vs. Goliath Narrative

The year 2015 marked a disruptive tipping point in the financial sector with over 19 billion dollars invested in Fintech companies. Fintechs were poised to topple big finance. Fast forward to July 2016 and the story that started out as David versus Goliath is now evolving into a conversation between big financial institutions and startups to create value by combining forces.

Doblin's Amelia Dunlop talks about how financial institutions are collaborating with startups at Exponential Finance 2016.

In this video replay from Exponential Finance 2016, watch Amelia Dunlop interview Alexa Von Tobel, CEO and founder of Learnvest.com (recently sold to Northwestern Mutual), and Lena Mass-Cresnik, SVP of Global Strategy and Innovation at Black Rock, about how they are engaging startups to strengthen their respective companies.

Alexa, author of Financially Fearless and Lena, a PhD in Innovation and Technology from Oxford, discuss with Amelia the lessons they’ve learned, share advice on what financial institutions and startups should think about as they look to work together, and provide their outlooks on where the market is headed.