HuffPost: 5 Behavioral Design Tips for Ringing out the Year

We look to the emerging field of Behavioral Design to help our clients’ customers overcome “irrational” impulses and make better decisions, such as saving more for retirement or taking better care of their health. Grounded in behavioral economics—which recognizes that people aren’t always rational, often lack information required to make the best choices, and frequently act against their own best interest.

In his monthly column on Huffington Post, Geoff partners with Ruth Schmidt to shares ways businesses can use behavioral design to help employees overcome five common challenges and make it through end of the year with health and sanity intact.

  1. The holiday party: Battling indulgence
  2. New Year's resolutions: Setting professional goals
  3. The importance of reflection: Taking stock of progress since last year
  4. Keeping employees healthy: Building habits and prompting action
  5. The year ahead: Recognizing what matters

As the year winds down, there are plenty of unknowns ahead for employees to manage. But tackling common behavioral challenges can help start the new year on the right foot for your employees… and your bottom line.

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