HuffPost: 5 Gut Reactions that Might Derail Your Innovation Journey

When it comes to innovation, don’t always trust your “business” gut.
When it comes to innovation, don’t always trust your “business” gut.

Many leaders tend to rely on their business instincts—influenced by years of experience and shaped by a business school education—which, generally, serve them well in running their core business. However, when it comes to breakthrough innovation, following your gut may curb, or entirely derail your ambitions.

I’ve discovered a rapid-cycle concept development approach challenges the status quo for many organizations, often creating a tension between what their “business” gut tells them to do and what they know they should do. And while these feelings are absolutely normal, and expected, when pursuing ambitious goals, they can spell disaster for true breakthrough innovation. To navigate these tensions and set yourself up to build bigger, bolder innovations, it’s important to recognize when your gut is talking and when not to listen.

As a guest contributor on Huffington Post, I highlight some common gut reactions leaders experience during their innovation journey and advice on how to keep your plans on track.

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