HuffPost: 5 Innovation Lessons from Havana

Image inspired by the art of Muraleando.
Image inspired by the art of Muraleando.

Cuba is in the middle of a renaissance. As borders have opened up and regulations relaxed over nearly a decade, there is a subtle revolution going on – one that I believe could be profound and far-reaching. I recently had the pleasure of visiting the island with my father, a retired turnaround CEO and venture capitalist. At the end of each day over a glass of Havana 7 and a cigar, we had long conversations about each of our individual observations on what we saw happening in the Cuban economy. Over the course of those discussions, we found some interesting parallels between Cuban entrepreneurs and people working to innovate large companies in our own country.

So, much like I did in a previous column when I offered some lessons from the lions of Africa, here I submit five lessons that are worth considering for anyone who is struggling to innovate and drive change in large corporations.

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