HuffPost: How to Ensure Design Is Always On in Your Organization

A common theme in many of my recent posts on Huffington Post has been how and why it’s critical to keep human beings front-and-center in any sort of innovation or digital transformation initiative. This is easy to say but not always easy to do – at least in the right way. That’s partly because, outside of Marketing and Sales, most corporate functions have grown over time without customer-centricity as a mandate. So, many tenured business executives today are simply not wired to think first-and-foremost about the human beings they serve. This is a dangerous condition.

This month, I sat down with my colleague Jeff Wordham to get his perspective on how a different approach to human-centered design is growing in importance in today’s business environment. Through Q&A, Jeff and I discuss how to ensure design is always ON in an organization beyond the usual “design thinking” concept.

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