Human Experience is Greater Than Customer Experience

Organizations that go beyond delivering on customer experience to elevating the human experience will be better positioned to create more meaningful connections, foster loyalty, and drive growth.

Now more than ever, it’s critical for businesses to understand how to connect with customers by creating experiences and stories that resonate on a deeply human level. Here are a few guiding principles:

  • Be obsessed with all things human. Marketers can ask themselves: What will enable a connection with another individual - whether that person is a customer, employee, or partner - in this moment? What stories can we tell? What experiences can we create? What senses can we engage to evoke a feeling?
  • Proactively identify and understand human needs before they are expressed. Perhaps somewhat ironically, predictive analytics and AI are allowing brands to use insights to be more human and relevant in moments that matter. Augmented intelligence can allow us to show up with greater humanity at a scale never before possible.
  • Execute with humanity. This requires organizations to be fast and agile to meet a person at the point of need, even if the need is to slow down and build connection. Brands can't be human if they can't be present.
  • Be authentic. A human experience can't be faked, and delivering it through a mobile phone or a chat bot can be difficult. It requires the entire organization, from front office to back office and back, to embrace the shift.
  • Change the world. A human experience can be transformative; it takes on a life of its own, in the same way that a smile begets a smile. That's a high bar for marketers - but one worth striving to achieve.

Check out the full article by Amelia Dunlop, Customer Strategy & Applied Design leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP and Anthony Stephan, Customer & Marketing Portfolio Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP.