Innovation Excellence: How To Build An Innovation And Insights Group From Scratch

Many corporate innovation leaders don’t have the luxury of starting an innovation and insights function “from scratch.” They’re often saddled with the vision of a senior leader—a mandate to make use of resources who don’t fit in elsewhere, or the herculean task of filling a gap in a company’s growth plan which has little freedom to actually go and try something new.

However, on the rare occasions when this is a starting point, I consider there to be five strong precursors of success that relate to:

  1. Ambition Level
  2. Roles and Responsibilities
  3. Ignoring Playbooks
  4. Sources of Insight
  5. Goal Setting.

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In Innovation Excellence I share more about these five guide posts for getting started along with advice from other innovation pros who have experience on the front lines. Check out the article to learn what it takes to set your “new” team up for success.