On FORTUNE: The Greatest Designs Of Modern Times

In 1959, Fortune published a “fascinating and brash” project that set out to discover the 100 best-designed products of the modern era. The list was compiled by our founder, Jay Doblin, who at that time was the director of the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT); the list was based on a survey sent out to 100 of the era’s top designers, architects, and design teachers.

In 2019, to recognize the 60-year anniversary of the original list, Fortune again partnered with the IIT Institute of Design (ID), to re-create the survey.

Following Doblin’s methodology as closely as possible—with some sensible modern tweaks—ID polled educators, influencers, freelance designers, and corporate design teams on the creations they consider truly great. After more than a year of planning, surveying, and consolidation, Fortune presented the 100 iconic designs that rose to the top.

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