On HuffPost: 4 Basic Guidelines for Organizing Around Innovation

In his new column on Huffington Post, Geoff Tuff kicks things off by tackling the questions he’s often asked by senior executives: “how should we be organizing our innovation _____________ [function, people, activities, etc.]?” These execs are on the hunt for best practices, but, Geoff warns, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, he offers four basic guidelines to help businesses organize around innovation:

  1. Stop asking whether to centralize or distribute the responsibility.
  2. Don’t force a false tradeoff between creating a Center of Excellence and creating a profit center.
  3. Broaden your talent base.
  4. Create a virtuous cycle between your organic and inorganic growth activities.

What is right for one organization is not going to be right for another with different orthodoxies, living histories and cultural nuances.

How can you apply these four principles to develop a more productive growth system with less internal rift?

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