On Innovation Leader: What's In It For Me?

Below is an excerpt from the article "What's In It For Me? A Clear Value Proposition for Active Participation in the Innovation Process" written by Doblin and Deloitte Consulting LLP's Chris Sommerfeld, and featured in Innovation Leader's Pointers November 2021 issue.

While the innovation imperative may be self-evident in the C-suite, the value proposition of participating in your firm's innovation process may be considerably less clear for many potential collaborators.

Taking an intentional approach to defining and communicating the value proposition for potential innovation collaborators will drive increased engagement, and pay dividends in the overall success of your innovation efforts.

For many of our colleagues, active and engaged participation in the innovation process is essentially optional. True 'innovation' is typically the top objective for only a small handful of employees within an organization. Yet often, the success of this small set of dedicated 'innovators' require material levels of support from a wide range of collaborators across the organization.

Turning the innovators' tools inwards can be a helpful place to start. the same human-centered, insights-driven techniques we use to uncover and solve for the needs of end consumers are also useful in better understanding and solving for the underlying needs of potential innovation collaborators.

In our work with large organization, we've noticed that successful innovation groups typically provide innovation collaborators with a spectrum of benefits:

  • Access & Opportunity
  • Exploration & Development
  • Connection & Community
  • Purpose & Meaning

To explore each element of this value proposition, moving the more extrinsic to the more instrinic, access the full article featured in Innovation Leader's Pointer's November 2021 issue (pages 5-6).

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