People not patients: Why human insight is key to improving healthcare

Leading Doblin’s public-sector innovation work in the UK, Emma Southgate has been working closely with our Health and Social Care colleagues, among them partner Caroline Hope, to demonstrate how important human-centred design is when reimagining the future of public services.

In a recently published blog written for Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions, we demonstrate how thinking beyond our current health systems, by starting with the whole person and their life outside of these systems, can uncover insights that shape radically different approaches to solving their needs.

"I spend more time as a person than I do as a patient."

– Caroline Hope, Partner, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Whilst this example focuses on the management of a long-term health condition, the same methodology can also help rethink some of the other complex challenges we, and our public services, face today—an aging population, unemployment or under employment, and crime prevention to name just a few.

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Emma Southgate comes from a rich background in public policy and social sector innovation. She currently drives Doblin UK’s public sector innovation practice.