TEDXOttawa: What if we could free our minds?

In September, I had the honour of speaking at TEDXOttawa and was able to present this wish for the direction of design. My hope for design--as it's applied to products, services, systems, brands, and even mindsets--is that it’s inspired by a love for deep human connections and a deep love for our planet. My wish is that we adopt technologies that collaborate with us to steward the planet, using all our cool tools in design research to guide the way.

In this video from the event, I walk through how we use design research for consumer products--which is pretty cool--and then challenge you to refocus those same ideas on systems and non-consumer technology that can make system-wide impacts in how our society runs at the daily level.

"​As a species, we humans have embraced being cyborgs. We have embraced integrating with technologies. If we are to continue down our path our path of integration, lets commit to being better, healthier, more balanced cyborgs.​"

I believe the bravest thing we can do is to try and fail. And then try again. As we fail, we should look at how our failures affect the people we were trying to serve, and learn from that--that is how we make things better for people over time.

I hope this TEDx Talk encourages you to embrace these awesome methods we have--this science of uncovering human needs--to guide you to the most meaningful and impactful projects, so we can improve our world, together.

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I want to give a big shout out to my colleague, Minnar Xie, who made the amazing illustrations for this talk. Thanks, Minnar!