Watch: Larry Keeley on Digital Deftness from Connect 2019

At Connect 2019 in British Columbia, Larry Keeley delivered the keynote on “Digital Deftness in Government: Learning Faster, Anticipating More, Responding Brilliantly”. He shared what it means to make innovation obligatory not optional, to have it be routine instead of rare, and to have it be bold instead of just steadily moving known practices a little up and to the right on some graph all the time.

He discussed:

  1. Innovate into big shifts … We live, learn and work differently now. Make sure work to sense the signals through the noise.
  2. Innovate in the right ways … Innovation is always tough. It gets much easier when you replace myths with methods.
  3. What might the British Columbia Office of the Chief Information Officer Do? Use solid tradecraft to make better, bolder, and more citizen-centric government.

Check out the full replay of Larry’s presentation to explore the key things to know about innovation now!

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