Welcome to Doblin: On-Boarding Doesn't have to Be All Business

Designing a new experience that's both practical and fun.

One of the hardest parts about joining an organization is being the ‘new person.' There are questions you have, things you don’t know, and a whole sea of people with whom to become acquainted.

Aimed at those just joining Doblin, we created a new on-boarding kit to show that a first day can be more than just receiving a name badge and a laptop; it provides materials designed to serve as a roadmap as team members continue along their Doblin journey. Items such as the “Career Guide” help orient new team members to potential career paths and help them understand how to excel within Doblin. While the “Awkward Questions” guide gives our new hires the answers to all of those questions they’re too afraid to ask (don’t worry, we’ve all had those questions at some point). Based on our research (i.e. we interviewed our colleagues), we decided to even include materials such as a simple glossary of terms used around Doblin and Deloitte.

We share this handy toolkit with our new hires on day one to welcome them to the team.
We share this handy toolkit with our new hires on day one to welcome them to the team.

One thing about the kit that makes it unique is it’s branding. We decided to create new and ‘non-Doblin’ branding for the whole experience. We put ourselves in the users’ shoes and realized that getting a specially branded kit helps calm new joiners’ first day anxiety and shows that we, their new colleagues, are really invested in taking care of them. Finally, some playful items, such as stickers, are also included to let them know we all like to have a bit of fun.

Our aim is for this kit to have a long life at Doblin. Regardless of whether our new team members come in for business, design, or insights, it's meant to cross boundaries and be a living artifact that can be constantly added to and evolved.

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