What might the future of aging look like?

What impact might the expansion of health span have on society?

For better or worse all of us are aging. However, the experience of aging is changing and the lives of those in the upper end of the spectrum likely will see the biggest shift over the coming years. As healthcare systems shift their focus from treating disease to preventing it, new opportunities arise for today’s life sciences and healthcare stakeholders to improve the experience of patients and those that treat them.

By 2040, we expect the consumer will be at the center of the health model. In this future, the way people age could look very different than today.

  • What will healthcare treat in this future?
  • How will people work, retire, and pay for their later years?
  • How will people live in their homes and in what types of communities?

Through our in-depth interviews with 30 individuals in aging services, policy, innovation, and tech, along with Deloitte and Doblin’s point of view on patient journeys we uncovered insights on how societal, political, scientific, and technological factors could affect the products, services, and experiences designed for an aging population on the path to 2040.

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