Become Better Innovators

8 Weeks – Ongoing

We work with you to organize and empower your talent and executive leadership with the right processes, tradecraft, and partnerships to deliver successful, reliable, and accelerated innovation results.

Innovation isn’t just about having good ideas. It’s about having the structures and skills within your company to transform good ideas into reality. After learning about how your organization works, we devise a tailored way of managing the many facets of innovation. Together, we cultivate new methods and behaviors within your company that help drive growth – from protocols and metrics for managing your innovation portfolio to talent development and learning programs. New connections with organizations outside of your company – like venture groups and academic institutions – help enrich and inspire the way you coordinate and achieve sustainable innovations.

Working with you, we’ll find answers to difficult questions, such as:

  • How can we create a more innovative culture?
  • What is the best way for us to structure and organize innovation?
  • How can our company create a clear direction and meaningful objectives for innovation?
  • What will spur our entire team to drive bigger ideas at the enterprise level?
  • Employees who are enabled and engaged to drive innovation
  • Enterprise-level innovation capabilities that integrate innovation across business units
  • Innovation centers and labs for rapid prototyping and human-centered design, innovation tools, and innovation coaches
  • Tailored incentive programs and metrics to help foster and manage innovation efforts over time
  • Open innovation capabilities, processes, systems, and networks that amplify your own resources and are designed to drive higher returns on innovation investments