Design, Build + Launch Innovations

14 – 16 Weeks

We help leading organizations create growing businesses rooted in real customer needs, new technical possibilities, and business viability.

In each industry there are undiscovered business opportunities, untapped technologies, and unmet customer needs. We delve into these unknowns to create viable business models that challenge the status quo. We draw insights from intensive customer research and uncommon sources. Then, working alongside clients, we pinpoint where opportunity lies and develop an effective plan to seize it. Together, we form actionable steps for strategy, marketing, and enterprise analytics and collaboratively refine, pilot, and launch the new business.

Working with you, we’ll find answers to difficult questions, such as:

  • How can we get to know our customers better when many here believe we understand them?
  • What will help us seize real innovation opportunities, not just features and products?
  • How can we bring ideas from concept to market more efficiently?
  • We are analytical and evaluative. What tools and methods will help us become more creative and generative?
  • Clear business cases and launch plans for new ideas
  • New discoveries about the unmet needs of current and future customers
  • Distinctive insights and points-of-view on seemingly intractable challenges
  • New business concepts that are made tangible through visualizations and demonstrations of the future value we are developing
  • Prototypes that help test and refine the future business, aligning the enterprise and accelerating piloting
  • Motivated employees eager to support implementation and see innovations succeed
  • Implemented growth offerings, business models, and platforms that generate new revenue and scale quickly
How can an equipment manufacturer harness the sharing economy?

How can an equipment manufacturer harness the sharing economy?

Developing an online sharing platform that gives builders greater flexibility and control.

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