Set Innovation Strategy

4 – 10 Weeks

Working alongside senior leaders, we explore how forces of change might impact your enterprise and industry and where, in that seemingly chaotic landscape, opportunity lies.

While organizations know they need to innovate, they often don't know where to start or how to sustain it. We combine our innovation experience with your insights to form a strong, clear strategy for growth. The process starts with establishing your innovation ambition—the scale of possibility and risk that’s right for your organization. From there, we help you identify, structure, and leverage effective approaches. Tapping into our roots in organizational behavior, we work with you to transform insights into actionable tactics that help you outmaneuver competitors and advance your industry.

Working with you, we’ll find answers to difficult questions, such as:

  • How can we bring focus to innovation efforts?
  • Markets and customers are changing faster than we are—what is the best way for us to respond to so much disruption and dynamism?
  • How can our company align on a clear definition of “innovation”?
  • What will help us look ahead to future opportunities rather than trying to fix the problems of the past?
  • How can we harness new sources for innovation ideas beyond those our competitors and industry rely on?
  • Shared articulation of your innovation ambition and intent
  • Identification of your most critical themes to guide innovation activity and investment
  • Knowledge of the capabilities, assets, and partnerships needed for success
  • A clear, risk-balanced portfolio of initiatives
What will advance a leading apparel and footwear corporation’s innovation strategy?

What will advance a leading apparel and footwear corporation’s innovation strategy?

Doblin collaborated with VF Corporation to strengthen and focus their innovation efforts

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