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Akshat Niranjan

Business, Insights


Innovation is asking the right question as much as it is approaching a question differently. As an engineer, I learned how to deconstruct problems into systems and components - finding structure and process within ambiguity. As a data scientist, I learned how to answer questions equipped with data-driven insights - using facts, metrics, and evidence to make decisions. But most importantly, as a design researcher at Doblin, I am learning how to identify the problems and questions that truly matter (especially for the end-user) - exploring many problem frames and understanding the voice of the customer before creating any business solution.

I've used and built on these learnings through a series of exciting clients and projects in my career. A few highlights include reimagining the future of urban mobility and smart cities, building public trust regarding the collection and use of personal data, unpacking the complex concept of "safety" for LGBTQI refugees fleeing persecution, developing solutions for water shortage in villages in Thailand, and prototyping ways to generate electricity from waterfalls in Cameroon.


M.Sc. in Business and Analytics – Ivey Business School, Canada; B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering – Purdue University, USA; Specialization in Political Science – Universität Freiburg, Germany

What Inspires Me

Active vulnerability, actionable feedback, explanatory journalism, Frank Ocean's music, medical professionals