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Andrew Litvak

Business, Insights

New York

I joined Doblin as a design strategist after several years working with Deloitte Digital in Australia and the US. Now, I guide teams that work in the domain about which I am most passionate: using human-centered design methods to solve complex business challenges and create compelling new product and service experiences.

I have always sought to balance technical and humanistic perspectives, hence my background in both Software Engineering and Cultural Studies. My innate curiosity about the world drives me to gain deep insight into peoples’ goals, behaviors, and unmet needs. My engineering mindset compels me to architect solutions, from the big-picture vision to the lower-level details.

When I’m not working, you can find me running off the calories from my broad-based food obsession, or watching the latest and potentially weirdest in independent cinema.


BA in French and Cultural Studies – University of Melbourne; BE in Software Engineering – University of Melbourne

What Inspires Me

Independent cinema, photography, people with amazing artistic talent, science fiction