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Beth Di Leone


Chicago Headquarters

I'm a research specialist working across all phases of client projects, with a focus on user insights. I enjoy building empathy in research contexts, gathering and analyzing data, and figuring out what's going on well beneath the surface.

Early on, I earned a BA in psychology, and associates degrees in animal behavior, operant conditioning, and wildlife education. I honed my research skills working at zoos and studying behavioral economics in monkeys as an intern at Max Planck's Institute for Human Development. Later, I earned an MA in social science at the University of Chicago and re-focused on applying my skills to humans.

I have worked in several industries with Doblin, but I most enjoy uncovering insights that straddle industries and connect user needs with emerging trends and technologies. It is incredibly exciting to discover patterns between seemingly unrelated industries and insights.

When not at work, I still train animals for fun. I tend to take my work home with me, in the form of over-analyzing people in my free time, and I tend to take my personal passion for sports to work with me, in the form of over-enthusiastic high-fives in the office.


MA in Social Science – University of Chicago; BA in Psychology with a minor in French – SUNY Albany; AS in Animal Behavior Management - Wildlife Education, and Zookeeping – Moorpark College's America's Teaching Zoo

What Inspires Me

The complex backstories of others, being part of a team of any kind, animal behavior and evolution, sports psychology, bounded rationality, and the mechanisms of human bonding