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Briony Mackenzie


New York

At Doblin, I satisfy my endless curiosities as an Insights Lead. As well as leading human-centered research across subjects, industries and a diversity of glorious (and not-so-glorious) human experiences, I support our brilliant teams to coax insights from the murky underworld of raw data, helping our clients to understand their customers and environments in new ways.

At heart, I'm deeply invested in understanding how we might leverage business to create a world that is more human and more meaningful. How might businesses understand not just "customers" but "humans", in the contexts of their messy lives? How might businesses be profitable, as well as meaningful and responsible?

This obsession with meaning-making and human experience predates Doblin; I spent a majority of my career living and working in places as far-flung as Nepal, Morocco, Timor-Leste and Cambodia using the same human-centered approach with local women to enable their financial independence, community influence, and access to human rights.

Outside work, I spend as much time in nature as possible, hang out with my gorgeous gentleman and 3-year-old, practice yoga and chase endorphins.


Master of Social Science (International Development) – RMIT University, Melbourne; Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and Sociology) – University of Melbourne; Diploma Music Performance (Cello) – University of Melbourne

What Inspires Me

Cool air on my face at the top of a mountain. Salty surf. The musician deep in sound. Courage in vulnerability. Humanness.