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Celia Beketa

Business, Insights


If there’s one thing I love, it’s tackling big, complex problems. In my role as a strategist, I do quite a bit of that, recognizing that the solutions to these problems require more than just a couple of frameworks and a few clever minds. I aim to instill a human-centered, inquiry-driven approach to the complexities of strategic thinking. I believe that there is significant power that comes when we challenge assumptions, question ‘business-as-usual’ mindsets, and force ourselves to make difficult choices. This is the heart of strategy and innovation.

I come from a background primarily grounded in social finance. In the past, I’ve helped a Kenyan community bank develop a strategy to become financially self-sustaining, analyzed environmental-focused start-ups ripe for investment, and consulted local social enterprises on everything from their pricing strategy to their new product developments.


Bachelor of Commerce - Finance and Sustainability – University of British Columbia

What Inspires Me

Walking out of a theatre show smiling, getting lost in the mountains, being intentionally vulnerable, asking ‘what would an extraterrestrial think?’, perusing well-structured spreadsheets, pickling.