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Chloe Chia



I am a designer who seeks to bridge the gaps between cultures and disciplines.

As a child of a hotelier and a flight attendant, I grew up internationally as a third-culture kid within the hospitality industry. A fostered passion for service, combined with my love of the arts led me to pursue design in the service of the guest/player/user experience, balancing business objectives with whatever the channel of engagement. While my international experiences of frequent travel and relocation make it hard for me to answer the question "Where are you from?", through it I have also learned to always be open-minded and adaptive in different cultures, to always seek the beauty in the unfamiliar.

It is that very curiosity and empathy that drives my work in design, the solutions that it can provide, and the excitement for the things I'll create with my clients.


BHA in Design and Global Systems & Management – Carnegie Mellon University

What Inspires Me

Airports & planes, multilingual design systems, science fiction films, video games, Gregory Colbert's "Ashes & Snow", and adorable robots.