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Daniel Brumleve


Chicago Headquarters

I enjoy helping organizations and companies bring deliberate and meaningful change to how they serve the world around them. In general, I’m sort of obsessed with reimagining the current state of just about anything. Seeing the world through a design lens has led to my fascination with recombining words, images, and ideas in unexpected and unfamiliar ways. I actively avoid tethering myself to any one way of seeing, creating, or problem solving. There is joy in being truly vulnerable and open to the influence of others’ ideas and knowledge. Doing so has made me comfortable with more fluid and open approaches to collaboration, design, and developing meaning.

As a designer, I’ve worked with everything from cedar logs to virtual reality headsets. I love exploring how to bridge analog and digital mediums and methodologies. When not in the office, I am finding ways to reduce the amount of objects I own, biking around the Chicago area with good people, and exploring food both in and out of my apartment. Also I’m unapologetically Midwest, and I say “y’all”.


Bachelor of Science in Design – University of Cincinnati

What Inspires Me

Ideasthesia, puns, all kinds of maps, city biking, and general weirdness.