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Darshana Nair


Chicago Headquarters

I am energized by complexity. Much of my consulting experience is in healthcare, a complex industry with endless opportunities for thoughtful innovation. I came to Doblin with a graduate degree in design, an undergraduate degree in engineering, and years of experience in management and technology consulting. Now, I am a designer and researcher at Doblin who specializes in decoding and articulating unmet customer needs and creating tangible prototypes and clear value propositions. My career path has led me to value and constantly seek the right balance between an analytical mind and a human-centered point-of-view.


Master of Design – IIT Institute of Design; BS in General Engineering – University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

What Inspires Me

Miniature objects, masterful storytelling, funny women, well-stocked snack drawers, a good beat to dance to, and my passionate & creative family