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Elle Ziegler

Design, Insights


I am a design researcher with a background in architecture, interested in innovation that spans digital and physical environments. I hold a strong belief that insights are important clues that will help us unravel the mystery of what it is to be human. I also believe that designers and researchers have a responsibility to make the world a better place by listening, observing and celebrating the expertise of people around us. While completing a Master’s in Advanced Studies of Architecture, which focused on the impact of housing and healthcare architecture of physical and mental well-being, I developed strong research chops and a serious interest in the role of human centered-design across industries ranging from architecture to healthcare to business. I am an advocate of participatory and collaborative research methods and believe in genuinely bringing project stakeholders to the table—from teens to C-suite—with an equal voice.


Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture – University of British Columbia; B. Environmental Design – University of British Columbia

What Inspires Me

People who are willing to take risks, woodworking, the pacific ocean