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Emily Kao

Design, Insights

New York

Driven by the principles of empathy and circularity, my own purpose is to make good design both accessible to people and responsible to the environment. I have created experiences that service better human connections, streamline journeys, and hopefully tickle someone’s heart and brain along the way. Across our work, I strive to expand the inclusive framework of environment-centered design—because humans are only one of 8.7 million species that live on our precious planet.

Prior to joining the consulting world, I was immersed in the art of experiential storytelling and world-building for brands and festivals, where I also proactively initiated to integrate sustainability practices into event production.

When I’m not grazing on the grass of problem-solving, I’m drinking loose-leaf tea, bikin’ round town, practicing Spanish, and asking people questions about their cultural upbringing.


BFA Industrial Design – Rhode Island School of Design

What Inspires Me

People’s life stories, nature, foreign films, podcasts, the clouds, mistakes