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Gregory Rogers

Business, Design


You can think and philosophize about innovation work all you want, but eventually you have to sit down and make a thing. I try to spend my days at Doblin helping our clients do exactly that: taking tangible actions towards exploring and building their futures.

I’ve done a mix of innovation strategy, capabilities building, and concept development work for a wide swath of Canadian organizations in transportation, insurance, mining, retail, and the public sector. I have a particular passion for the roles deliberate choice-making and careful information design play in good innovation work.

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy pursuing poorly planned woodworking projects on the weekends and making subpar hip-hop beats on my computer.


BA in Business Administration (HBA) – Ivey Business School at Western University, London, Ontario

What Inspires Me

Brutalist Architecture, Cal Newport, Bic Clic pens, kitchen timers