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Haina Wang



Born in China, grew up in London, attended high school in Hong Kong and college in Los Angeles, travelled across Asia for work, my upbringing and experiences have nurtured in me a natural curiosity towards life and strong desire to bond with people from different culture.

As a brand strategist and insights hybrid, I use an array of methodologies to discover and craft compelling narratives about people, and help organizations build brand, messages and experiences that build emotional connections. Always on the hunt for a good intellectual challenge, I love uncovering patterns of beliefs, attitudes and behaviour in social and cultural context in an ever-changing and complex world. I’m an ambidextrous left-and-right brainer and advocate the importance of having an analytical view of world issues enriched by human-centric insights.

Travelling is both a lifestyle and passion – I enjoy being constantly on-the-go, and punctuating my life with periods of profound tranquility and loud moments of dramatic intensity.


MBA – University of Cambridge, Judge Business School); BA Economics and Communication – University of Southern California

What Inspires Me

Chinese family values, English literature, Hungarian self-deprecating humor, French fashion style, American pop culture