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Hannah Sellers


Chicago Headquarters

I am a communication designer with a love for creating meaningful experiences that inform, entertain, and incite change. I believe that almost every problem can be solved by design, and my passion lies where design and research combine to improve people's lives. I am specifically fascinated by typography, and how it has the ability to transform the world we live in. I don't limit myself to a specific medium, however, I am always inspired by creating interactive printed experiences and books.

When I'm not working, I'm looking for my next live music experience, hiking a new trail, or biking the 606. I'm known for my peculiar obsession with abstract light patterns in everyday environments and dad-like tendencies when it comes to my sense of humor and music preferences. I'm always seeking out new and exciting ways to collaborate with people– designers or not.


BSc in Graphic Communication Design – University of Cincinnati

What Inspires Me

The storytelling power of hip hop music, abstract photography, airport wayfinding, the Spanish language, bookstores with cats.