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James Buckhalter



I am a business designer and strategist who has never shaken some juvenile obsessions with what I still think are the essential questions: who are we, how should we live, and where can I get a great bowl of pasta around here? I love working at Doblin for its willingness to confront these topics as part of its ordinary business.

I have previously worked in academia and in book publishing. Now I enjoy connecting the experienced abstraction and design thinking of Doblin with the technical implementation prowess of the rest of Deloitte. My favourite place to be at work is on a stage with a challenging audience. Otherwise I prefer to hide out of sight.

I am particularly interested in making financial services a safe, rewarding, and ethical place for consumers in both the developed and developing worlds.


BA in Philosophy – University of Nottingham; PhD in Philosophy – Durham University

What Inspires Me

Vigorous debate; surfing; making chicken stock; hardcore punk; my wife