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Jaya Birch-Desai


New York

I have always believed that taking a multi-disciplinary approach is the best way to solve any problem. As a result, I have focused my work on the study and practice of human-centered design, technology, and entrepreneurship.

I began my career in the healthcare technology space, where I applied my research and design skills to better understand human needs within a complex landscape. By designing solutions rapidly and iteratively, I was able to experiment with ways in which to show value quickly, gain trust with end-users, and become true development partners with customers.

After returning from a tech-focused MBA program, I am excited to bring both business and user value to Doblin’s clients. In my free time, you can find me exploring and integrating new perspectives, making jewelry, and attempting to invent the next hit vegetarian recipe.


B.S. in Human Factors Engineering / Minor in Entrepreneurial Leadership – Tufts University

What Inspires Me

Cultural melting pots, stories of resilience, and change through design.