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Jennifer Peterson


Chicago Headquarters

I am constantly energized by the challenges that the design process brings. Everyday I am forced to learn new things, to question assumptions, and to push myself to new height, and then, to do it over and over again. And, I love it! I have been an athlete since as long as I can remember and whether it’s rugby or design I love the feeling of working together as a team to reach successful outcomes. I thrive in diverse and interdisciplinary teams where I get the chance to learn from others and bring disparate ideas together to form new and novel offerings.

My Undergraduate Degree in Architecture (BFA Miami University) and background in Fine Arts and Sculpture gave me the ability to think physically and bring concepts to reality through craft. More recently, I discovered a passion for human-centered qualitative research at IIT’s Institute of Design (MDes). Having a deep connection to both of these disciplines allows me to go from research to reality and be an integral part of delivering tangible solutions. Not knowing what lies at the end of the process excites me and gets me out of bed in the morning ready to tackle the next challenge. Well, that, and lots of coffee.


BFA in Architecture – Miami University; MDes – IIT Institute of Design

What Inspires Me

Cities and skyscrapers, place based architecture and landscape architecture, travel, novel techniques in traditional crafts, packaging design, and genuine people.