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Julie Hecht


Chicago Headquarters

I am a Designer, with a passion for delivering thoughtful design solutions through compelling stories and dynamic environments that span physical and virtual space. I have a strong belief that design is nothing without the context of the user, environment and delivery method. I have 10+ years of industry experience combining my love of branding, visual communication, and 3-dimensional space.

I have worn many design 'hats' during my career. From designing experiential environments for corporate architectural clients to art directing, shooting and producing a recipe book for a major alcoholic beverage company's micro-pilot product launch.
I look for opportunities to push thinking, delivery and integration so ideas can be adopted and brought to life. I am not afraid to dive into a challenge and piece together tangible visuals and examples that push thinking and garner results.


BFA in Interior Design – Harrington College of Design; AAS in Graphic Design – Parsons The New School

What Inspires Me

Antique stores, disco balls in unexpected environments, differing cultures & societies, hammocks, dioramas, motorized scooters, bone records, and rainstorms.