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Kate Crotty


Chicago Headquarters

I am a designer who combines human-centered research with innovation methodologies to build unique user experiences across a variety of industries. I tap into an innate curiosity of people when practicing ethnography to problem-solve and create sensitive solutions. From communication design experience at an entertainment company to corporate design experience at a consumer goods company, I join Doblin to build, exercise, and share skills that define and improve business building strategies for stakeholders and clients.

I am very passionate about building global friendships and enabling social understanding. Whether backpacking through Africa, studying abroad in China, couch-surfing in Europe, or doing a sister exchange program in Brazil, I will always jump at the chance to immerse myself in another culture.


BS, Communication Design – DAAP, University of Cincinnati

What Inspires Me

Stories of triumph, Nature walks in the fall, CISV, My Cavachon Noah, Barbara Walters, The Bow and Arrow