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Kyle Lee


New York

I am most excited by rich human-centered design projects that involve research, identifying needs, developing concepts, communicating ideas, and executing ways to enrich the human experience. Through my work, I strive to understand people not just as numbers, but as compelling needs, challenges, and narratives.

On projects, I advocate for enhancing and improving the human experience in new ways. As a designer, I love being able to give others a voice and amplify stories that would otherwise go unnoticed. With my mindset, I offer new ways to think about innovating products, services, and systems.

I studied product design at Carnegie Mellon University. There, I fell in love with the design process and learned the values and mindsets of a designer. While my initial interests with design involved product and industrial design, I learned how to more broadly employ in interactions, systems, and social innovation.


BDes – Carnegie Mellon University

What Inspires Me

Mid century furniture, Things that age in instead of aging out, Coen brother films, Stephen Curry