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Lutz Neumann



People love stories. And to explain the complexity of the world, stories are best told visually. I am a visual content creator. Wherever you have strong ideas, thrilling stories or complex issues and need a clear and compelling appearance, you will find me. I tell stories visually.

But technological and cultural change progresses is at a fast pace. Communication and communication channels are shifting constantly. With my never-ending curiosity, I like to be on top of things. To that end, I support Doblin Germany in creating new business models and innovative concepts. I offer creative solutions by using design rules and communication theories to solve a wide range of customer problems. Since joining Doblin I’ve served the automotive, healthcare, manufacturing and retail industry.

Prior to Doblin, I worked as a communication designer specializing in identity design and visualization, with a strong affinity for photography in Berlin. I have more than 10 years of professional experience in the field of classical advertising, both in an agency setting and as a freelancer.

Outside of the office, you’ll often find me strolling through the city wondering where inspiration will hit me next. And I’ll always have one of my countless cameras at hand, likely purchased at one of the flea markets I tend to rummage through on Sunday mornings.


Designer of Digital and Print Media – MWA Marketing und Werbeagentur

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