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Madison Headrick


New York

As a designer my aim is to not simply visually delight an audience, but to compel them to action. Communication and storytelling are the means by which this happens, and where design can play a crucial role.

I am eager to use my skills in narrative and design thinking to make an impact on big businesses and inspire daring change in a world that can sometimes move at a snail’s pace. While there’s still much work to be done, I am confident that when you take a problem and put the user first, lead with research, and bake-in storytelling along the way, an optimistic future is ahead.

My hope is that through my practice in design and human-centered thinking, the world would start to make strides towards designing for the end-user first before jumping to business opportunities.


BDes – Carnegie Mellon University

What Inspires Me

Sunday mornings, color & pattern, and lots of peanut butter