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Mert Pekdemir


Chicago Headquarters

I am a design researcher and strategist with an interdisciplinary background in both engineering and design. When I was an undergraduate student studying engineering, I learned how to build things, but never was taught whom I was doing it for and why. Upon realizing my passion of understanding the users and their stories, I sought to learn design thinking and specialize in design research by pursuing a master’s degree in human-centered design. Through graduate school, I was able to participate in sponsored product, service and interaction design projects as a designer and researcher. These projects allowed me to understand, work with and design for various user groups such as patients with mobility issues and recent graduates looking for a new suit.


MS Engineering Design Innovation – Northwestern University, Evanston; BS Mechanical Engineering – Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago

What Inspires Me

Learning about different cultures and languages, backpacking without having a destination, observing successful teams and listening to people (and their stories).