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Minnar Xie

Design, Insights


I am a design researcher passionate about the depth of people and the opportunity to design better systems, services, and tools around lived experiences. I lead with my curiosity and follow with my commitment to thoroughness.

I arrived at human-centered design as the intersection of my background in conceptual art, ethnographic research, and the iterative design of technology. The thread through my diverse background has been the ability to pick things up quickly and uncover the larger meaning in minute details. My work has led me into the homes of resettled refugees, classrooms in India, and medical clinics in Pittsburgh. In all situations, I believe in approaching with earnestness and an openness to listening.

My favorite parts of our work are the opportunities to help build empathy and understanding, enable engagement and participation, and remind us of our human capacity for change and adaptation.


BHA in Psychology and Fine Art, additional major in Human Computer Interaction – Carnegie Mellon University

What Inspires Me

Master craftspeople, serendipity, the lives of artists, being in people’s homes, book stores, and listening to people talk about their aspirations.