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Paulien Routs

Design, Insights


We have to change to stay the same. That’s something I believe in. With a background in trend forecasting I am always reflecting on changes in our contemporary lifestyles, how they are set in motion and what kind of adjustments they call for in our day-to-day lives and environments.

Within Doblin this helps me to create solutions that meet the needs of the user and keep clients ahead in an ever-changing landscape.

This ongoing process of new trends, new challenges and creating new solutions is often understood as a process that launches us into some new futuristic life. To me it equals human centricity, as new design, whatever it may be, leading to new ideas, is to me what it means to be human.


MA Fashion Strategy – ArtEZ institute of the Arts; BA Lifestyle & Design – Willem de Kooning Institute of the Arts

What Inspires Me

Transhumanism, speculative design, soft science fiction, contemporary projects and papers on intersection of science and design.