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Peter May



I am a naturally curious person, I think it is this trait above all that has given me the ability to do the job I do. A passion to explore and understand allows me to develop new and innovative products and services for my clients.

Working across a range of industries from education, defence, transport and energy I provide a diverse perspective that enables my clients to envison and execute on an alternate future and meet their strategic goals. Whether it be developing a detailed strategy on how to innovate more reliably and repeatedly or uncovering human needs to design solutions that people actually want, I have a growth mindset and desire to create change.

I have a background in chemical engineering, a previous life as a travelling salesman and experience in strategy development. As a result I seek human interaction and understanding, but unpack problems in a structured and meticulous fashion.

Ultimately it is experience, or a combination of experiences that allows us to create something new. As an Australian working in Germany and across Europe, I will continue to seek new experiences as a means to help my clients create change.


B.Eng in Chemical Engineering – The University of Melbourne

What Inspires Me

Artists like David Hockney, writers like Roald Dahl, adventurers like Thor Heyerdahl, athletes like Eliud Kipchoge and ruined cities like Palermo