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Quan Bui


Chicago Headquarters

I am constantly searching for meaning in the ambiguous. My favorite moments are "Aha!" moments, and I get a kick out of uncovering the truths hidden in plain sight that inform how we design new concepts, service models, and offerings.

Though a designer by trade, I studied a mishmash of mathematics, computer science, and social science in my undergrad, which have trained me to see and solve problems from just about any angle and level of (un)certainty. Above all, my background has given me a wide understanding of how design, technology, and people interact in the world around us.

At Doblin, I put this all to use and enjoy parsing out patterns and structures in seas of information, exploring new ways of visualizing complexity, and turning abstract concepts into tangible "things".


BS in Applied Mathematics & Statistics – Johns Hopkins University

What Inspires Me

behind-the-scenes footage, family-owned restaurants, Wikipedia articles, golden hour light, robust public transit, new uses for old things